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Primus workshop pocket

This A4 portrait-format workshop pocket is made from high-quality PVC, and protects your documents and drawings. The Velcro fastener makes it easy to fill, whilst the three reinforced holes in the top section allow it to be suspended directly or via a cord. It can also be inserted in Primus viewing boxes.

  • ATP420

  • PU: 10 Item
    From €65.29 * per Unit

    Price per Item: €6.53 *

    • Format / Größe: DIN A4 hoch, 326 x 240mm (H x B);
    • Material / Farbe: PVC mit Pappverstärkung, hellgrau
    • Ausführung: 3 Ringösen im Kopfteil, seitlichem Klettverschluss, mit Aufhängeschnur