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Shelf trolley for controlling material flow

The shelf trolley has the same platform as the pallet dolly and is suitable for use in tugger trains. The containers are placed on the shelves, which are fully height adjustable thanks to the holes in the frame. The castors feature a foot guard and parking brake to ensure precise positioning. The frame is specially designed to ensure that the europallet dimensions are maintained inside.

  • MAT-RW12X8-001
    • With pull-out drawbar
    • Load-bearing capacity of each adjustable level: 150 kg
    • Total load-bearing capacity: 450 kg
    • Levels adjustable in 50 mm intervals
    • Load volume 4 x small load carriers 400 x 600 mm on each level
    • Base made from MDF panels
    • Four castors - two fixed, two swivelling
    • Polyurethane wheels: 160 mm
    • Inner dimensions (L x W x H) 1,200 x 800 x 1,367 mm
    • Outer dimensions (L x W x H) 1,260 x 808 x 1,675 mm