5S method

5S is a method of designing smooth processes through compliance with rules. The complete set consists of frames, tube clips, eyelet clips and pipes. (Material: steel with PVC end caps) We do not sell this item over the internet. For further information please contact us. 

  • PKR-5S
    • 1 PKR-R28 (2,420 mm steel tube, silver-grey)
    • 3 PKR-A3-100 (white) incl. inlay and clip
    • 3 PKR-A4-100 (yellow, green, red) incl. inlay and clip
    • 6 PKR-CL-RK-100
    • 6 PKR-CL-OED-100
    • 6 PKR-CL-HK-100
    • 2 end caps, black
    • Note: Knotted chain not included in delivery