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Shipping costs

Shipping conditions
Goods are delivered within Germany.  Delivery to other countries is not possible. In this case, please contact the respective sales partner in your country. We will be happy to assist you here.

Shipping costs
Shipping costs within German (excl. the current rate of VAT) are as follows:

  • Net order value up to € 100.00 – flat fee of € 9.00
  • Net order value up to € 200.00 – flat fee of € 10.00
  • Net order value up to € 300.00 – flat fee of € 13.00
  • Net order value up to € 400.00 – flat fee of € 15.00
  • Net order value up to € 500.00 – flat fee of € 16.00
  • Net order value up to € 600.00 – flat fee of € 17.00
  • Net order value up to € 700.00 – flat fee of € 18.00
  • Net order value up to € 800.00 – flat fee of € 19.00
  • Net order value up to € 1,000.00 – flat fee of € 22.00
  • Net order value over € 2,000.00 – flat fee of € 28.00

Delivery by DHL (with tracking and insurance).

These shipping costs do not apply to goods that measure over 1.20 m in width or height, or weigh over 30 kg. These items are shipped by a forwarding company. Shipping costs for these goods are
€ 69.00 per 100 kg.
Delivery periods
Goods are delivered to destinations in Germany within 5 days unless indicated otherwise in the item description. Please note that no delivery is possible on Sundays and public holidays.

1. Delivery dates are only binding when agreed in writing.

2. Goods shall be delivered to the delivery address provided. We reserve the right to choose the method and route of transport, as well as the company charged with shipping.

3. We reserve the right to partial deliveries. This does not apply if you can prove that a partial delivery is of no use or interest to you. A justified partial delivery shall be deemed a separate delivery in terms of transfer of risk, service disruptions and payment obligations.

4. Events of force majeure and delays to delivery caused by other unforeseeable circumstances for which we can bear no responsibility, such as a late delivery by our suppliers, shall not lead to arrears. The agreed delivery dates shall extend automatically by the duration of the hindrance, plus an appropriate lead time. Should the hindrance persist for more than two months, both parties shall be entitled to withdraw from the part of the contract regarding the as yet unfulfilled delivery, following an appropriate extension period. Such cases shall not lead to any damage claims against us.
Payment conditions
All goods are delivered exclusively against invoice. There are no other payment methodes.